Tuesday, July 14, 2009


From Elaine Acker, CEO

Good afternoon, everyone, iIt’s great to be back in Austin, although I have to admit I thoroughly enjoyed the awesome weather in both D.C. and Seattle.

D.C. Trip
Judge Shepperd, Derrick Chubbs and I had a very productive trip to D.C. We, along with the other regional chapter CEOs and board chairs from our division, spent a half day with Gail McGovern, the Red Cross CEO, and another half day brainstorming the future of the national Red Cross. I feel really good about the time spent there and I know we’ll continue to see positive changes as the Red Cross tackles its financial challenges and transitions to a better business model.

KUT Features Babysitter’s Boot Camp
The  Education and Training department is working with the Development & Communications staff to raise visibility about classes. We’ve gotten a great response to the Babysitter’s Boot Camp, and here’s the link to the piece that ran on KUT: http://kut.org/items/show/17460. Excellent coverage!

Welcome Diane Ventresca, Director of Development & Communications
Diane Ventresca is in the house, so we now have a fully staffed Development & Communications department. Welcome, Diane!

Update from Williamson County
Marty has been knocking on lots of doors in Williamson County, and they’re opening! Here’s a quick update from Marty:
  • On Monday evening I will meet with a group of 18 neighborhood association leaders to talk about how they can be involved with the Red Cross and to explain how the CASHP works during a hurricane evacuation.
  • On Tuesday Steve Hailey and I will meet with the leadership of a citizen volunteer group organized through the Georgetown Police Department.  They also are interested in the role of the Red Cross in local disaster and how they can work with us.
  • On Wednesday our new Development director will spend the day in Georgetown to review our Development plan and learn how Williamson County can begin to play a bigger role.
  • Later this week I will work with a two large neighborhood associations to help plan a welcome home to more than 500 troops.  We are planning a giant barbeque. These same associations will soon be training their Neighborhood Watch group (more than 100 people) in CPR & first aid through our chapter.
  • Finally, on Saturday, Elaine & I will team teach the Red Cross Public Affairs class.  This is the first time this class has been taught at our chapter in several years.
Parking Lot Re-striped
Thanks a million to volunteer Homer Johnson who arranged to have our parking lot re-striped. It looks GREAT! The parking lot striping was donated to the chapter by Bob at B&B Pavement Markings.  Thanks to both Homer for arranging and Bob for the generous donation!

Don’t forget
The Volunteer Recognition event and annual meeting is scheduled for 4 pm on August 23 at the Dell Diamond. If you haven’t already done so, please RSVP and let us know how many from your family will be attending!  acooney@centex.redcross.org
Until next week…

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