Tuesday, March 2, 2010


From Kevin & Sandy McCoy, Disaster Volunteers
February 18 & 19, 2010 – Echelon Plane Crash and Fire

Today Sandy and I received a ping from Fred and Marcia Marks that there was an airplane that had flown into a building on Research Boulevard.  It made the national news and left the city stunned.

The on-call Mass Care Action Team - Bill Saul, Derek Clarkson, Marcia and Fred Marks arrived on scene with the Emergency Response Vehicle (ERV) and a pickup at 12:45 PM. We began serving snacks and water to all of the first responders. In addition to Fire, Police and EMS, federal agencies such as the FBI and NTSB were there as well as Travis County Emergency Services.

Incident Command ordered 100 pizzas which were delivered at about 3:30pm and distributed out of the ERV. Bill and Derek used the pickup to gather feeding materials that we found that we needed which were donated by a local Walgreens. In addition, Bill and Jose visited Sam's, Krispy Kreme and Plucker's to pick up dinner and coffee for this evening.  

Incident Command ordered Jason's Deli sandwich boxes which were delivered at 6:30 and distributed out of the ERV.

Kevin and Sandy McCoy and Tim Garland relieved us at 7 PM and will cover things tonight. 
 Tim Garland serves Pizza from the ERV

Until about midnight, Firefighters were still crawling through the building in search of a missing person (IRS employee Mr. Vernon Hunter, 68, later found deceased). The Firefighters were kind enough to stop by and say thanks as they left the scene.

Sandy and Tim get a Hot Wings delivery ready to serve.

It's after midnight and we are still getting traffic from responders (Fire, APD, AFD, FBI) at this time. 

Fred and Marcia should be back to relieve us at 7AM, while another team works to get breakfast ready.

Stay Safe,
Kevin & Sandy

The American Red Cross of Central Texas would like to thank all our volunteers who worked this disaster for their dedication.  We would also like to thank the following restaurants for their donations of food and beverages for First Responders, allowing them to work around the clock securing the scene:

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