Friday, August 27, 2010


We recently recieved the following email from one of our American Red Cross of Central Texas instructors:

I have had a wonderful summer teaching swimming to students, scouts and children with varying degrees of disablilites. Teaching students with challenges is very rewarding for me, them, and for their families. I had five children with Down's Syndrome this summer who were exceptional. They start lessons inhibited, disruptive, loud and uncomfortable. As the week progresses they are so proud of each and every skill they learn. They are loving as they learn to trust me, willing to try new things, and, most of all, demanding to swim again and again. Most of the time I mainstream these children with other students or siblings who encourage each other. At the end of lessons, they get a button (frog, turtle, duck) to sew on their bathing suit or towel and a sucker as a reward.  I get the satisfaction from knowing that these special children learned something new and their families are amazed with their progress. I learned many many years ago when I began as a Red Cross volunteer, we always help those in need with love and care.  All people, especially children, need to learn to swim and be safe in and around water.  Please see that your children get instructions for water safety.

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