Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Astoria Entertainment Joins Us for Bulk Distribution and to Encourage Community Involvement

Early last week I received a call from Charlie Bewley asking how he, Matt Dallas, Steven Grayhm, and Jupiter Baudot with the documentary project  Into the Heart of America: A Soldier's Story and Astoria Entertainment could get involved in our response to the devastating fires in our area while they were in Austin. Charlie was adamant that they wanted to work and raise awareness about Red Cross disaster response.

On Saturday, September 10th, I was able to take them out to our bulk distribution site at The Home Depot in Bastrop and put them to work handing out cleaning supplies, shovels, gloves, masks, and sifters to help affected families.

 Here are Charlie Bewley, Jupiter Baudot, George Rice, myself, Steven Grayhm, and Matt Dallas at our bulk distribution site preparing to help Central Texans in need.

 Matt and Steven directed traffic through our drive-through bulk distribution center so that our volunteers (including Charlie and George) could put the clean up supplies and equipment right into their cars and trucks. They talked with disaster victims and did a great job helping our clients feel heard and cared for during this difficult time. 

All of the guys worked hard and made our clients and volunteers smile while really helping us achieve our mission and be there for families in need. 

I hope that you'll join our famous friends and volunteer to be there the next time disaster strikes


  1. We are so very proud of Matt, Steven, Charlie and Jupiter for pitching in during a difficult time for victims. They have brought something special to everyone they have met on their incredible journey. Thanks for sharing your part of it with us.

  2. Thanks for helping us spread the work about the great work they did and how everyone can get involved in disaster relief!