Wednesday, November 23, 2011

More Thanksgving Safety Tips

Thanksgiving brings family and friends together to share a good meal, laughter and football. However, it can also bring unexpected health hazards like food poisoning and choking.

Food Poisoning
Eating undercooked turkey can be a health hazard. If thawing a turkey at a temperature above 40 degrees Farenheit, salmonella and other bacteria can grow and cause food poisoning. To avoid this 
there are some methods for safe defrosting. The turkey can be thawed in the refrigerator—one day for every 5 lbs. of the bird. The turkey can be submerged in water if it is in leak-proof packaging—30 minutes for every pound. The water should be changed every half hour. It's also safe to defrost a turkey in a microwave. Remove any packaging and follow the manufacturer's instructions. Regardless of what thawing method you use, it is important to cook your turkey right after thawing.

Food poisoning can also happen if leftovers are not stored correctly. Leftovers must be stored two hours after serving. If they are going to be eaten within three days, store in the refrigerator, otherwise store leftovers in the freezer. Make sure to remove the bones from the meat before storing.   

Choking can occur while tasting the Thanksgiving meal you are preparing or while your enjoying your dinner with loved ones. The first step is to call 9-1-1 if loved one is having problems breathing or speaking. Next, we recommend the use of the FIVE-and-FIVE technique. The first step is to give the choking victim five back blows, followed by five abdominal thrusts. Repeat these steps until object is forced out, person can breathe or becomes unconscious. If you are alone you can follow the same technique using your hand or by pressing your abdomen firmly on the back of a chair.

For more Thanksgiving safety tips visit the American Red Cross
Have a fun and safe Thanksgiving! 

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