Tuesday, February 8, 2011


We are officially less than one month away from the Ready. Set. Red! Cross City Challenge at www.readysetred.com! Have you been sticking to last month’s resolution to stay in shape? Get ready to show off your fit self and cycle in the H.E.A.T Bootcamp Challenge! Don’t worry if you’re not exactly Lance Armstrong—you’ll be cycling while your teammate answers Red Cross trivia questions, or vice-versa. It’s an uber-fun meeting of brains and brawn.

While we can’t help you with your cycling skills, we can definitely give you an edge on those quiz questions. This week’s fun fact hint is all about all the different ways you can get involved to support your Red Cross. Score extra points at the Cross City Challenge and better your community by taking these volunteering tips to heart:

1. Tell the Red Cross story as a member of the speaker’s bureau. Represent the Red Cross at community events like the America’s Charities workplace giving campaign.

2. Help your neighbors be prepared for a disaster. Distribute information on disasters common to your community and build disaster kits to help friends and neighbors prepare for emergencies, or comfort kits for those personally affected by disasters.

3. Ensure your community has adequate sheltering in the event of an emergency by taking Shelter Manager Training.

4. Lend a hand to a local military family by utilizing your counseling skills to help family members cope with deployments or educate them about aid available.

5. Be a bridge to your community. Lend your skills as a bilingual volunteer to work directly with those affected by disasters who may face a language barrier.

Following through on just one of these ideas can save the lives of your fellow Austinites!  Plus, a winning attitude just might translate to winning the Cross City Challenge.  Good luck!

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