Thursday, February 17, 2011


We’re just a few weeks away from the Ready. Set. Red! Cross City Challenge at! Now is the time to sign up a team and participate in this unique event that is sure to exercise both your body and mind. 

Imagine this ….
There’s a hurricane approaching your city, and they’ve just announced mandatory evacuations.  While you are preparing to leave town, you realize that you may not return to your home again. You frantically begin searching your home for both keepsakes and survival items to take with you. What items would you choose to take and how much could you fit in your car?
Some essentials you know you need thanks to your American Red Cross disaster planning training are: emergency kit, water, blankets, emergency radio, mini lantern and first aid kit.

At the Ready. Set. Red! Cross City Challenge, test your disaster preparedness and see how many personal belongings you can fit into an environmentally friendly vehicle while your time before the hurricane hits is running out.

Ready for your latest trivia fact? Remember: knowing the answers to these questions will earn your team extra points at the challenge.

The American Red Cross of Central Texas responds to disasters such as house and apartment fires, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes or other situations that cause human suffering or create human needs that those affected cannot alleviate without assistance.

Be prepared to name three types of disasters from the fact listed above that the American Red Cross responds to during the Ready. Set. Red! Cross City Challenge to gain an edge on the competition!

Don’t forget to sign up today at

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