Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Swim-A-Cross Memories

Some of my fondest memories from summers growing up in Austin, are from the swim team I would join & swim with for several weeks.  Yes, we learned new strokes & raced on the weekends, but our culminating event was to participate in the annual Swim-A-Cross fundraiser for the American Red Cross.  Now that I work for the American Red Cross, I can see the value of the event from another perspective.  Not only is the event a fun way to raise money, but it gives the children (and adults) in our community a different way to support both local & global concerns.  The funds raised through Swim-A-Cross help support local disaster relief (fires, floods) and military families in our community, but they can go on to help others around the country and around the world.  
If you enjoy swimming, or know someone who does, please consider registering for the event by yourself or with a swim team.  Contact Jewel Walker, or 512-929-1279 for more information.

- Lis Wise, Workplace Training Instructor

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