Thursday, April 28, 2011


Five years ago today, I walked into the American Red Cross of Central Texas office for my first day of work.  I was so excited and also completely terrified that I might not have what it takes to be a part of such a respected organization.   The last five years here have been full of a lot of hard work, the learning of so many new things, achieving great successes and sometimes feeling a lot of exhaustion and frustration. Our work is often difficult, rarely acknowledged, yet fully critical to our community.  

What shines through for me at the end is the knowledge that the work we do everyday truly matters to this community, this country and the world.  We see it when we respond to a fire in our own backyard or when we help fundraise for an earthquake thousands of miles away.  We help people when they need it the most.  I can’t imagine having spent five years doing anything else.  Thank you to each of you who were there to welcome me that day, to those of you who helped me grow this last five years, and to all of you here today for being part of my Red Cross family. 

Sinclair Fleetwood
Grant Writer and Development Specialist
American Red Cross of Central Texas


  1. Happy 5 Year Anniversary Sinclair! We are lucky to have you on the Red Cross Team. Thank you for your dedication, compassion and hard work.

  2. You are an awesome part of a very special team, and I'm proud to have worked with you during my time there! Congrats, and Happy Anniversary!

  3. You guys do amazing, difficult, valuable work, and you are a true asset to that work. Keep it up!