Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Would You Look The Other Way?

A few weeks ago, while teaching a class for an office group, I happened to look at one of the posters on the wall.  In their conference room was a copy of the poem “I Chose to Look the Other Way” by Don Merrell.  There are several versions of the poem out there and while I don’t know which is the ‘correct’ version, they all say the same thing.  It is a reminder of the chances we take each day and the ability we have to change the circumstances simply by mentioning a problem.  I printed out a copy of the poem and posted it on the wall next to my computer.  This way, whenever I’m in the office, the poem catches my eye and acts as a reminder.

If an emergency happened in your vicinity, would you know how to respond? 

As an American Red Cross Health & Safety Instructor I am often asked, “but what can I really do?”  The answer for many people is: take a breath and call 9-1-1.  However, for those with appropriate training, responding in an emergency can truly make the difference between life and death.  If you’re interested in taking a class as an individual or having an instructor come out to teach a class for your group, please call 928-4271 to get more details.  Thanks.

- Lis Wise, Workplace Training Instructor

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