Friday, April 22, 2011


A pool or hot tub at your home creates a beautiful environment that offers years of joy and activity for your family. However, along with the joys of pool or hot tub ownership also come many responsibilities.

Home Pool Essentials: Maintenance and Safety is an online safety course for pool and hot tub owners. Jointly developed by the American Red Cross and the National Swimming Pool Foundation® (NSPF), the course teaches pool owners basic information for maintaining and safely using home pools. Enroll and learn the fundamentals to help you maintain your home pool and create a safer pool environment.
In about 2 hours, you can learn more about:
  • Understanding many of the risks of home pool ownership and operation
  • Maintaining a safer and cleaner pool
  • Identifying appropriate safety equipment
  • Preventing pool and hot tub entrapment hazards
  • Responding to an emergency, including reaching, throwing and wading assists
The interactive course is $19.95 and includes video demonstrations, hotwords and links to enhance learning. Upon registration, you will receive a compact home pool owner’s resource guide that you can print out and keep poolside for easy reference. A printable record of course completion is available after completing the course online.

For more information on water safety programs please visit our website or contact us at (512) 928-4271.

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